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Ljusgårda at the Forefront: Shaping the Future of Farming with the CEA Footprint Project

CEA Footprint Project -developed by a team of collaborating entities, including Resource Innovation Institute, leading CEA producers and industry stakeholders, the guide is a how-to resource for energy, water and carbon emissions accounting and reporting.

We are thrilled to announce our pivotal role in the development of a sector-wide guide to environmental reporting and accounting for CEA ( Controlled Environment Agriculture) - the CEA Footprint Project.  This year-long endeavor marks a milestone in the industrys journey towards sustainable and transparent agricultural practices.

Thank you Resource Innovation Institute, Derek Smith, Executive Director,  and all the visionary producers who funded this project.

At Ljusgårda we are proud to have taken part in the kind of dedication that this project has shown to position our efforts at the forefront of sustainable development within the agricultural sector.

The guide aims to:

📌 Develop an international framework for environmental accounting through consensus, to enable a complete and consistent evaluation of modern farming methods.

📌 Provide tools that allow producers and stakeholders within Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) to adopt standardized measurement methods.

📌Highlight a broader understanding of the environmental benefits and impacts of CEA at a critical turning point.

For a deeper dive into the environmental implications, download the guide here

Additionally, we invite you to explore our comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) report by Michael Martin last year, here .

Together, we are not just growing crops; we're cultivating a greener future.🌍💚🌱👊

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